Start-Up Visa

Consilium – Endorsing Body

Consilium is proud to have been appointed by the UK Home Office as an Endorsing Body for the new Tier 1 Innovator Visa and Start-up Visa Programmes. This will enable Consilium to attract innovators and entrepreneurs to Wales, bringing with them great technology-based solutions that have the potential to disrupt the market and scale.

Tier 1 Start-up Visa

As an Endorsing Body, Consilium are happy to receive enquiries for the Start-up Visa. The applicants must have a business idea which meets the UK Home Office requirements of Innovation, Scalability and Viability.

The applicant must have a draft Business Plan ready to submit upon Invite to Full Membership of the Start-up Consilium Mentoring Programme. The Business Plan does not have to be fully ready as Consilium will work with applicants to get it Endorsement Ready over a 4 week period.

What to Expect from Consilium

  • 1. REVIEW

    Complete review of Business Plan drafted by the Applicant.

  • 2. MENTOR

    Mentor by holding workshops to further develop the Business Plan. Provide strategic advice on how best to succeed in the UK Market

  • 3. ENDORSE

    Ensure your business meets the criteria of Innovative, Scalable and Viable set by the UK Home Office

Please note:

  • Our focus is on attracting entrepreneurs, via supporting the Tier 1 Start-up Programme, who wish to establish a business in Wales. (We will accept applications for other parts of the UK, including London, Birmingham, Bristol and Manchester.)
  • We will accept applicants based outside the UK at the time of application.

Start-up Application Process

Please note that Consilium will only consider applications for endorsement from members of the Consilium Mentoring Programme who have passed our due diligence procedures. If you are interested in applying to work with Consilium to seek endorsement for a Tier 1 Start-up Visa, please complete the contact form below.

We shall assess your information and respond in due course. Please do not send any further correspondence until you hear from us. We shall endeavour to get back to you within one week.