Latest Testimonials

  • Stephen Vickers

    Diamond Discovery

    We needed funding to support our next acquisition. With the target identified, Consilium assisted with the fund raise, which was a complex arrangement, not least because it required two financiers to come together to structure a deal worth approximately £1 million. The outcome was successful and the funding enabled us to add Cole Contractors Cardiff to our portfolio.

  • Yusuf & Murtaza

    The Green Cocoa Lab

    The Consilium mentoring programme provided us with paramount assistance that aided us in refining and shaping our business plan. The format and content of the mentoring programme were impeccably well-structured and meticulously planned. The mentors at Consilium are astute and have a friendly demeanour that made it easy to work towards our common goal. Moreover, they have helped us lay down the stepping stones that will prove crucial to the success of our business. The mentors have equipped us with a rich understanding of the business's practical aspects due to their robust industry experience. At the culmination of our mentoring programme, with the guidance of our assigned mentors at Consilium, our vision has finally been translated into a reality with the inclusion of many innovative features. For their efforts, we hold a deep sense of gratitude towards them.

  • Michael O’Neill

    Milford Haven Seafoods Ltd

    We were looking to set up a seafood processing facility in Pembrokeshire and we approached Consilium. Consilium helped with putting together the business plan and an investor deck to attract Investors and finance houses. We also spent time together modelling company revenue and financial projections. Consilium then put together a funding strategy which involved both private and public sector funding. At the beginning of 2019 we signed terms and secured £300,000 for the project. This has placed us in a great position now to follow through the next phase of the project.

  • Gerald Conn

    Gritty Realism Movies

    Consilium have played an instrumental role in sourcing equity funding to get our animated feature off the ground and I have always found them easy and friendly people to work with.

  • Ahmed Khalid

    Prosona Ltd

    Choosing Consilium Consulting Ltd from Cardiff as an endorsing body remains the best investment for my start-up in its infancy. The Tier 1 – Innovator Visa is a complicated process with a massive cost impact, requiring you to prove your competitiveness as a founder and the technical soundness of your business idea. And where other endorsing bodies expected me to tick all the boxes on my own, the team at Consilium worked alongside me from day one to help build a winning business plan that thoroughly satisfies all requirements of the Home Office. Perhaps the biggest value addition from Consilium has been their bespoke Mentorship Program, which was a series of tailored workshops with industry experts in key corporate areas, giving me the exact steps needed to get my business off the ground and I say this as an MBA Finance Graduate from London with years of corporate managerial experience. Now that I’ve arrived in the UK, Consilium continues to stand by me, connecting me to the right resources and offering invaluable guidance to help ensure my start-up’s success.

  • Justus Vermaak

    Skystrm Ltd

    Having years of experience in other businesses, I was initially sceptical about how much value I would receive from the Consilium Mentoring Programme (CMP). However, the introduction to the differences and other nuances to the United Kingdom business environment has been invaluable. The mentoring by various experts in their field (including Marketing, Finance, Legal, HR, IT and Accounting), and their willingness to answer and explore ideas has been most helpful. The CMP and the experts from Consilium assisted me in crafting an accurate and workable business plan and helped refine and focus my business goals. A further advantage is that after arriving in the United Kingdom, I could immediately start with R&D and other start-up activities, as I had already been introduced to organisations and businesses that could assist me. Consilium has also been constantly available to assist with any questions I had.”

  • Mohammad Saiful Wadud

    Eyes on 24/7 Ltd

    After serving more than 24 years in the Bangladesh Army I was looking for an opportunity to find a migration option with my family. I came across the Innovator Business Visa. After doing my initial workout and a draft business plan, I was looking for a well reputed, highly professional endorsing body who would be able to work with me to fulfil my dream. I was impressed with Consilium Consulting (Cardiff) Ltd’s professionalism, sincerity, and well-co-ordinated plan. During my incubation period they helped me with my business plan, and I was pleased with their prompt action and care for all aspects. I had regular contact through Zoom classes and the selection of speakers for different subjects has helped me to become more confident with my future plan. I received my "Endorsing Letter" and my family, and I were delighted to receive our "Innovator Migrant Visa" for the UK. Their efficient team members, well-co-ordinated planning capacity, hard working and sincerity amazed me. Their incubation period made me more confident. It was a nice experience to work with them. I wish them every success in the future.

  • Brian Xue

    Take the Shot Ltd

    I have been working with Consilium since mid 2021 – they have provided the best business insider help they could to help me, a first time UK business starter, to have the best understanding in all aspects including law, accounting, marketing, IT, and more in the most efficient way they could have been offered. What I like about them is they have a nice friendly team that is willing to work around you and with you to provide the best help they could to help you succeed. If you have talked to Raz then you would know this man has a very dedicated and strong mindset for his business to help all of us achieve our best. I believe you would get the help and support that is needed for your business with them.