Frequently Asked Questions

1 What types of business will you endorse?

While we are sector agnostic and work alongside a wide range of businesses, we are primarily focused on start-ups that are technology led. Given the limited number of Visa Applications we are able to endorse, we are only looking to endorse entrepreneurs that register with us and are successful in getting onto our Consilium Mentoring Programme.

2 Can you help me write a business plan, together with a set of financial forecasts?

Yes we can. Our Mentoring Programme is designed to assist you in the building and writing a comprehensive business plan backed up with a robust set of financials.

3 What is your Mentoring Programme?

Consilium Mentoring Programme is a comprehensive programme which entails assistance in your business planning, holding one to one mentoring sessions, workshops, networking, as well as support in accessing Public and Private Equity Funding. The programme also ensures that you have a dedicator mentor for 3 years which assists you in hitting all your business KPIs as set by UK Home Office.

4 How do I take part in your Programme?

You will go through an assessment process with us. Once you have registered onto our Consilium Mentoring Programme we will assess your business idea on the criteria set out by the UK Home Office. The KPIs will be on your business being “Innovative, Scalable and Viable”.

5 Will there be any one-to-one mentoring?

Yes, Consilium will offer one-to-one Mentors alongside workshops that are specially designed for start-up businesses. There will also be a Mentor assigned to the business for 3 years to assist the entrepreneur in navigating the business landscape and to ensure vital KPI’s are met.

6 Will Consilium take an Equity Stake in my proposed business?

Consilium will not take any equity stake in the applicant’s proposed business. Consilium believe the entrepreneurs should be fully armed with as much equity as possible as they set up and scale their business. As the business grows, there may be requirement for further fund raising and one of the options the founder will have will be to dilute their shareholding. At this point the greater the shareholding the greater flexibility the founder has at their disposal.