Seed Funding

Game Changer

Consilium has been active in the Start-up scene for over 5 years. We have helped Start-ups with Business Plans, Strategy and Financial Forecasting as well as being Coaches on the Accelerated Growth Programme for Winning Pitch (Welsh Government Initiative). We have gone onto raising Equity Investments and giving Start-ups the fuel to ignite their business journey.

We like supporting innovative entrepreneurs that are disrupting the market and challenging the status quo. We believe their entry into the market place brings a positive change and in some cases is a real game changer.

Global Investors

The material will be shared with Investors based in UK, US, Middle East, India and China. There is a mix of Investors including affluent Family offices as well as High Net Worth Professionals.


£50k – £250kUK BasedPre-Seed / Start upTech Driven Businesses40 – 50%

What’s Included


Once registered Consilium will support your business to ensure all the promotional documentation is in place and ready to be promoted to investors. Your business will be matched with the investors who come from the same sector or area of expertise.

  • Review of Documentation
  • Promotion to Investors
  • Monthly Updates
  • Direct Meetings with Investors
  • Facilitate Equity Negotiations

Fee Structure


There is a registration fee of £249 which enables us to market you in our network for 3 months. After that, there is a monthly tariff of £99 on a “Pay As You Go” basis which you can cancel at any point in time. There is a success fee if you get funded from our pool of investors.

Registration Fee
(3-month package)
Monthly Fee
(Pay As You Go)
Success Fee
(Upon Completion)
£249£99 p/month5%
  • Cancel anytime after Registration Period
  • No Equity Charge
  • No Retainers
  • No Exclusivity
  • No other Fees

For more information, please email