Tier 1 Innovator & Start Up

Consilium – Endorsing Body

Consilium is proud to have been appointed by the UK Home Office as an Endorsing Body for the new Tier 1 Innovator Visa and Start Up Visa Programmes. This will enable Consilium to attract innovators and entrepreneurs to Wales, bringing with them great technology-based solutions that have the potential to disrupt the market and scale.

Tier 1 Innovator Programme

The Tier 1 Innovator Programme is for experienced business people seeking to establish a business in the UK. Applicants will need to make a minimum investment of £50,000 into their business and cannot take on any other employment outside of the business venture. In most instances Consilium would expect the applicant to have an investment of at least £150,000 to achieve the goals required for the visa.

There is an opportunity for an investor to invest into a business idea from another entrepreneur by becoming a co-founder, and we see this as a great motivator to any prospective investor coming to the UK. Successful innovators are granted an initial visa for 3 years and after that time if the business meets UK Home Office Criteria, then they can apply to remain for a further 2 years, or to settle permanently in the UK. At each step of the journey, the initial application, extension and settlement requires endorsement from an Endorsing Body.

The Endorsing Body does NOT make any immigration decisions, police the immigration system and is not subject to the same rules and compliance activities that a sponsoring employer would be subject to. As an Endorsing Body approved by the UK Home Office we are charged with the task to competently assess an applicant’s business plan for Innovation, Viability and Scalability. We do this by insisting that every applicant enrols on our Mentoring Programme so that we can fully assess the business against these criteria and ensure that every applicant is fully aware of the obligations, laws and requirements of operating a business in the UK.

As Consilium Consulting we have developed a programme that will ensure we are best placed to undertake this by following a strict criteria. The Consilium Mentoring Programme will be split into work packages over a period of weeks to allow time to develop the business idea and plan future growth of the business giving full regard to both the Home Office and British company law requirements.

Why come to Cardiff?

Cardiff, Wales’ capital city, offers an exciting range of unique attractions, top class entertainment and quality shopping with a difference – all within two hours of London. It is the home of Welsh Government. The city has 3 Universities with one of them being a Russel Group Member. Cardiff has got leading clubs in Football, Rugby, Ice Hockey and home to the County Cricket Team. It boasts of Innovative architecture sitting alongside historic buildings, while Cardiff Bay offers entertainment for everyone. It is the shopping capital of Wales with a number of shopping arcades and malls. Rich in ancient history with Cardiff Castle and its connection with coal – it was once the richest city in the world and now is the perfect destination for entrepreneurs and innovators enriching the Tech scene.

Key Facts

  • Cardiff has been rated 3rd-best capital city in Europe to live in, with 97% of residents saying they were satisfied with living in Cardiff
  • Cardiff was recently named the 6th best shopping destination in the UK
  • Cardiff has been rated best student city in UK (QS Best Student Cities 2017)
  • Cardiff is considered one of the safest cities in the UK and is ranked as the number one most peaceful major urban area in the UK (UK Peace Index 2013)

What to expect from Consilium

  • 1. REVIEW

    Review, Assess and Assist you in your Business Plan

  • 2. MENTOR

    Mentor by holding workshops and providing strategic advice on how best to succeed in the UK Market

  • 3. ENDORSE

    Ensure your business meets the criteria of Innovative, Scalable and Viable set by the UK Home Office

  • 4. UPDATE

    Ongoing Mentoring and updating UK Home Office of your business’s performance against key KPIs

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of business will you endorse?

While we are sector agnostic and work alongside a wide range of businesses, we are primarily focused on start-ups that are technology led. Given the limited number of Visa Applications we are able to endorse, we are only looking to endorse entrepreneurs that register with us and are successful in getting onto our Consilium Mentoring Programme.

Can you help me write a business plan, together with a set of financial forecasts?

Yes we can. Our Mentoring Programme is designed to assist you in the building and writing a comprehensive business plan backed up with a robust set of financials.

What is your Mentoring Programme?

Consilium Mentoring Programme is a comprehensive programme which entails assistance in your business planning, holding one to one mentoring sessions, workshops, networking, as well as support in accessing Public and Private Equity Funding. The programme also ensures that you have a dedicator mentor for 3 years which assists you in hitting all your business KPIs as set by UK Home Office.

How do I take part in your Programme?

You will go through an assessment process with us. Once you have registered onto our Consilium Mentoring Programme we will assess your business idea on the criteria set out by the UK Home Office. The KPIs will be on your business being “Innovative, Scalable and Viable”.

Will there be any one-to-one mentoring?

Yes, Consilium will offer one-to-one Mentors alongside workshops that are specially designed for start-up businesses. There will also be a Mentor assigned to the business for 3 years to assist the entrepreneur in navigating the business landscape and to ensure vital KPI’s are met.

Will Consilium take an Equity Stake in my proposed business?

Consilium will not take any equity stake in the applicant’s proposed business. Consilium believe the entrepreneurs should be fully armed with as much equity as possible as they set up and scale their business. As the business grows, there may be requirement for further fund raising and one of the options the founder will have will be to dilute their shareholding. At this point the greater the shareholding the greater flexibility the founder has at their disposal.

Please note:

  • Our focus is on attracting entrepreneurs via supporting Tier 1 Innovative Programme who wish to locate to Wales.
  • We will accept applicants based outside the UK at the time of application.

Application Process

Please note that Consilium will only consider applications for endorsement from members of the Consilium Mentoring Programme who have passed our due diligence procedures. If you are interested in applying to work with Consilium to seek endorsement for a Tier 1 Innovator Visa or a Tier 1 Start Up Visa, please either complete the contact form below or email us at endorsingbody@consiliumconsulting.co.uk. Your email must cover all the items in the contact form.

We shall assess your information and respond in due course. Please do not send any further correspondence until you hear from us. We shall endeavour to get back to you within two weeks.